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Ultrasonic Cavitation Unit or Ultracavitat

I decided to give this home based Ultrasonic Cavitation unit a try. To be clear, I do work out 3-4 days a week. At the moment my workout consists of only walking for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, outside (Florida Heat) around 9-10 am with my 4 month twin girls.

A little background on me. My trouble areas have always been my thighs, no matter how much I worked out. Of course at one point I accepted them with grace. However, I finally got pregnant with twin girls. They arrived at 38 weeks gestation (how awesome! I contribute that to drinking 1 gallon of un-fluoridated water a day). Well, no one prepared me that the epidural was going to have me get tree trunks of legs. No knees in sight. Hahahaha!! Here is the problem, I felt like this will never go away, however, it did–Somewhat!! Now my thighs are filled with cellulite and the measurements are 2.5 inches bigger than prior to giving birth. It has been 19 weeks since I gave birth, but who is counting.

Sooooo, like so many of you, a lovely add scrolled across my Facebook feed about this magical Ultrasonic Cavitation unit. I’m a bit skeptical. Still I read some of the comments and feed back on Facebook and the site. There were positives. I said what the heck, WHY not!! so here I am trying it out. I bought mine from the inventive item. com ($99.97). However, you can get it cheaper on Amazon. Plus, there are more reviews to read through.


*I used the device with coconut oil and some aromatherapy oils (organic). I’m only doing one thigh to see if the device works.

*I have taken my thigh measurements before starting. I will try to update this one week at a time.


Here are my measurements


Pre-Pregnancy measurements

Right Thigh 23″

Left Thigh 22 3/4″

Postpartum progress-August (I was more specific)

Right Thigh                                  Left Thigh

Lower:  17″                                  Lower:  17.25″

Mid:     21.5″”                              Mid:      22″

Upper: 24.5″                                Upper:  24.5″


Ultrasonic Cavitation Day 1

On day one I started the Ultrasonic Cavitation unit and it was a funny feeling. I placed the Ultrasonic Cavitation unit on my skin, after applying some coconut oil and peppermint oil, and the sensation was interesting. The Ultrasonic Cavitation unit head was room temperature to touch, but inside my thigh I felt heat. Not super hot but enough to know something was going on.  I did my first treatment in the morning.


Ultrasonic Cavitation Day 2

I completed my treatment in the evening before bed and the Ultrasonic Cavitation unit felt the same way as day one. Hot inside but the Ultrasonic Cavitation unit head was room temperature. All of day 1 and 2 I had a feeling of chaffing underneath the skin of my inner right thigh (the area I’m treating).


Ultrasonic Cavitation Day 3

Same thing again I completed my treatment in the evening before bed and the Ultrasonic Cavitation unit felt the same way as the prior 2 days. I felt that chaffing feeling all day.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Day 4

Still feels hot when I treat my thigh, and cool to touch. Weird feeling.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Day 5

No changes to report, still feels funny. I will give my leg a rest for Day 6 and continue Day 7.

*I will be taking my measurements on Sunday and will post them. Furthermore, from then on I will update weekly. I think this daily updating may get annoying. Hahaha!!

Ultrasonic Cavitation Day 6 & 7

I completed one whole week with one break on day 6. Here are my measurements after one week of treatment.


Right Thigh                             Left Thigh

Lower:   16.25″                          16.5″

Mid:       20.5″                            21″

Upper:   24″                               24.30″


*I will be updated my progress once a week from here on out. So your next update should be today (9/24/2018) in a week.


Week 2 results from the Ultrasonic Cavitation

Right Thigh                             Left Thigh

Lower:   16″     (-1″)                         16.25″        (-1″)

Mid:       20.5″  (-1″)                         21″            (-1″)

Upper:   24″     (-0.5″)                       24.25″       (-0.25)


I visually do not see results. However, I do notice a difference when I walk, less rubbing. I also noticed that my left thigh is decreasing in size as well. Plus, it has only been two weeks. I would have to say, with the small changes, IT WORKS! At least for me. The only treated area was the inside of my right thigh. I did not treat the entire leg.

*Just a reminder I do walk about 3 times a week and am still breast feeding.

Keep tune to see if there are any more changes next week.


Week 3 results

Right Thigh                            Left Thigh

Lower: 15.5″ (-0.5″)                 15.75″ (-0.5″)

Mid:    20.5″                             21″

Upper: 24″                               24.25″


The third week I treat my right thigh 3 times. The treatments had minimal results. I hope to do more treatments in week 4.

Week 4-5 results

Very interesting. soooooo, I did not use the Ultrasonic Cavitation but one time. It has been a difficult 2 weeks here at home related to family matters and was unable to perform my treatments. My results…

Right Thigh                           Left Thigh

Lower:  15.75″  (+0.25)           Lower:   15.5″ (-0.25)

Mid:     20.25″   (-0.25)           Mid:      21″

Upper: 23.75″   (-0.25)            Upper:  24″   (-0.25)


Here is my theory. I think that breastfeeding has something to do with the continuous decrease. I say that because the past 2 weeks I have not walked either. However, the decrease is much slower than when I was using the device.


Week 6-7 Results

Right Thigh                      Left Thigh

Lower:  15.5″ (-0.25″)         Lower:    15.5″

Mid:      20.25″                   Mid:        21″

Upper:   23.75″                  Lower:  24″


So, my final conclusion, if you want to take 10-20 min a day on one area with this device I think your valued time is better spent working out. At least with working out it  targets the entire body in 10-20 min :). Ya Know what I mean : )  !! I think my measurement decrease was associated with the body regulating out after having my twin girls, not this device. Do something for 21 days, everyday, you create a habit.

In other words, not worth the money!!

* As per FTC Regulations I would like to let you know that I do have affiliate links throughout this blog. The links provide me with a small percentage of commission but do not cost you anything extra.

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53 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Cavitation review”

  1. Hi
    I bought one, my issue is my tummy! I am 57, 2 grown children and I practice yoga about 4 times a week. I cannot loose my belly fat, so I thought I would try the Ultra Cavitation device. Have not received it yet ….but why not! My son is getting married in a month and if I can loose even 2 inches I would be happy! Have you seen any results yet? Did the directions say to use oils? Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Kat,

      Thank you for reading my review thus far. I’m using coconut oil because I have not done enough research on ultrasound gel as recommended by them. I’m very conscious on what I put on my skin, so I chose coconut oil. The chemicals in most things you put on your skin are bad for your health.

      In terms of results, it’s too soon to tell. I’ll keep updating. 😊

      How exciting your son is getting married. Congratulations!!🎉

      1. Thanks for replying! I’ll let you know when I get mine and the results I have if any. I will use coconut oil too. I don’t like using chemicals either! Take care!

    1. Hi Ginger, I use it until it shuts off. So about 10-15 minutes. I use it in my bed before going to sleep. Its easiest for me because I go to bed and watch TV for about 20-30 minutes and that’s when I use the device. I hope that helps.

    1. Hi Treza, At the beginning I did walk 3 times a week outside with my girls but did not change my food intake. However, the past 2 weeks we had family matters and was unable to do any exercises.

  2. When will be your next today? And I’m a little confused. How did you lose inches in both thighs if you were only treating one inner thigh? Thanks for doing this review! I’m really thinking about getting one.

    1. Hi Jodi,
      I’m confused about that part as well. My theory is that I’m breastfeeding and loosing fat all over. I have not seen any visual changes when it comes to cellulite. I think Fascia has more to do with the cellulite.

  3. I bought this and feel it does nothing at all but have small red lights that turn on. I felt the instruction manual it came with was strange and hard to understand. After feeling like this is basically a $100 scam I contacted the company and they were no help. I have commented on their facebook posts and they erase them. If you look at the reviews on their website about the product they are exactly the same as other companies selling this device. There are also duplicated reviews with the dates changed. I would tell people to not waste their money.

    1. Nancy,
      I’m sorry, I hope you get your money back. I thought I did say, in my last paragraph, that the time is better spent on working out rather than this device. I may need to make it clearer. Thank you for your input.

    2. I just received mine today after 3 weeks. The manual is not helpful and it is obviously not from this country with all the spelling and grammar errors. I seen the removed their presence on Facebook. I bought it based off reviews and now I feel scammed as well. I’m thinking I’m stuck with a $100 piece of junk.

      1. Hi Lisa,
        Thank you for coming to check out my review on this device. I too bought the $100 device instead of purchasing it through Amazon. I feel like the device could work. However, I had to go look up YouTube videos to see its functions. Personally, like I mentioned in my article, you are better off spending 20 minutes working out. Try to send the device back.

    3. Oh no-gutted.i just bought one to get rid of my belly for my daughters wedding in 10 weeks!!! I couldn’t really afford the $100, but was desparate😩😩

  4. Kimberly R Green

    Hi I bought myself one of these for Christmas hoping it would work. I too work out but have issues with thighs and belly. Mine came and the instruction book I found as the other lady was not very helpful. I also emaile &, messaged the Company several times trying to get help with how it operates and they were very evasive & couldnt help. I dont think mine is working. Can you tell me when you turn on the EMS what is it suppose to do I dont feel anything, same with the infrared the 4 red lights come on but I dont feel anything. Now the sonic I did feel electical shocks on my skin when I put those pads on sometimes it did and sometimes it did nothing. Also the tapping, massage, kneed scaping and slimming I dont know how to work those dont seem to do anything. I assumed I would feel those things like a massage on my skin but I dont. And the #’s on the side 1,2,3,4,5 I assume makes it go softer or harder. Can you please instruct me on how to work the whole thing. Tell me what to do with the pads and how each of these functions are suppose to operate and what I should be feeling. I would appreciate it as I really want to try this but the company is not helpful at all.

    1. Hi Kimberly, first thank you for coming to check out my review. I had to figure the thing out myself, so I watched youtube videos. That’s probably your best bet. I just could not do it anymore because I figured 20 min of a workout is much better spent than 20 min of this device. I hope you see results.

    2. Hi Kimberly,
      I just got my machine today and now I’m wondering if I regret it. Have you seen results from the last month or so from using this product or should I return it?

  5. Ultrasonic cavitation can work wonderfully, but you should wait 3 days or more between treatments and drink 2 litres of water both before and after the procedure. Doing the treatments closer together than that disrupts the new collagen forming and doesn’t give your body a chance to properly flush through lymph, urine, and feces. Please be aware that the fat and toxins are also being transferred through breast milk, but there have been no studies on it, so go with your gut on that! I am also nursing and using a cavitation machine. I bought a 40k (supposed to be deeper ultrasonic waves) clinical machine from a medical supplier and I’m hoping for the best

      1. Hi Tracey, I’m glad I was able to help. Thank you for reading my article, I am very grateful. Sending you lots of abundance!!

  6. Kimberly R Green

    Ok I found a better instruction manual online and now I think I have it figured out. I have been using it on my belly and thighs and think it might be working. I can not find the sonogel they say to use so I use coconut oil andI when I have it on sonic and infared it gets alittle warm and I can feel a slight vibration. I am also going to the gym. The pads go on your belly or thighs and you turn it on and it makes electric stimulation in your muscles. I was trying to use the machine head with it before and it was shocking me. I wonder if anybody else tried it that way too because that really hurt and I knew that wasnt right. Now that I figured it out I will try it for a month and report my progress. I think I can see things getting alittle smaller. We can only hope after $100 and no help from this company inventiveitem.com that does not respond to your emails and blocks you on facebook when you try to get help with the instructions. Thanks to your blog I was able to find better instructions on google.

    1. Thank you so much for coming back. I’m glad I wrote was able to help you. I would love to hear from you in a month to hear how your results are coming along.

    2. Could you post the link for the instruction manual you found please? I cant seem to find anything on it. I found that you shouldn’t use the EMS on your neck, chest and head which could result in death! They should have put that in their booklet, but it obviously want printed in the US so there are no disclaimers. TY

    3. Yes! When you use the pads, don’t touch the metal disk. Learned that the hard way. I still have not mastered how to use it completely. I emailed them and got a little better instructions:
      The UltraCavitat consists of 3 options. EMS, Infrared, and UltraSonic.

      We recommend using a combination of all 3 options for the best results.

      Infrared option is best used with your favorite skin care lotion or cream. Please use for about 10 minutes per desired area. This function helps remove wrinkles and cellulite.

      Then rotate to the UltraSonic and EMS options, these two options are optimal for fat loss. Again, please use for 10 minutes with these two options. No lotion is necessary for these two options.

      The electrodes are used with the EMS function and are entirely optional. You can attach them to the target area on your body, underneath your arms is a popular location. Please use for about 10-20 minutes a day for 3 days a week. Remember to hydrate yourself by drinking 1.5-2 cups of water before using.
      The settings on both sides are for EMS mode.
      Please do not touch the plate when using EMS mode.

      1. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for this input. I hope others will read it and try again with the device.

  7. Hi there! I just received mine so I will see how it goes. I’m a bit confused about the EMS… are we supposed to use gel/oil before putting the pads on? Thank you!

  8. The product and company are a complete SCAM- DO NOT BUY. They will not refund and product requires shipping to CHINA within 30 days of u receiving it. No such thing as 100% guarantee! DO NOT BUY

      1. I’m seeing comments about the company not honoring the guarantee and it being a waste of $100. Most credit/debit cards give you at least 60 days to dispute an item. You simply contact them, say you want to dispute, explain you’ve tried to resolve with company, and they’re out of China. I’ve had to dispute several items lately that seem like they’re US based, only to later discover theyre out of China or S Korea — either by the foreign transaction fee or the shipping labels. My credit card companies have issued me credits every time.

  9. Thank you for your reviews. I was interested in buying it, trying to cheat and get the fat off a bit quicker but I think I pass. I do yoga, Pilates, aqua gym, walk and swim. I lost weight slowly but surely. I am just struggling with my tighs and tummy but it is coming off and get tighter. Furthermore, exercises is good for mental well-being better than a machine that burns fat. 10 to 15 minutes you spend burning fat with this machine is better spend exercising. Well I think lol.

    1. Thank you so much for reading my review. I’m glad I was able to help you make a decision. I started eating a lot a protein and fat and a lot less carbohydrates. This made me lose fat much quicker. Also, I only eat when the sun is out, after dark I’ll drink a tea or water. Plus I started using the fascia blaster about 2-3 times a week to improve blood circulation to my thighs. I can tell a difference. Well-being is much more important which the machine will not bring. I think it is a gimmick and people should not waste their money. I thought at the beginning it was the machine, but now I know it was my mindset. Positive thinking, believing, and manifesting. I hope to continue to provide help to others. Let your weekend be abundant.

  10. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and amusing, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I came across this in my hunt for something relating to this.

  11. I agree with above comment – very informative and funny blog. I’m currently with mobility issues from illness and gained a lot of weight
    Especially around the mid section. I was looking for a quick fix since I have a lot of time on my hands – but there are no shortcuts to exercise and diet. I’m glad I found this information. I’m sure my hundred dollars can be put to better use.

    1. Lifewithtwins

      Hi Sarah,

      First things first. Thank you so much for coming on my site and taking the time to read my post. It is greatly appreciated!!! If you are able to go outside into the sun, get some good sunshine on your skin, this will produce Vitamin D. At least that is were you can start. I also would include in drinking one gallon of water or almost 4 liters of un-fluoridated water. If you have mobility in your arms you could always exercise your arms to start. Check out Dr. Jack Kruse’s blog, there is a plethora of information.

      Also, I have changed my mindset since I have discovered the law of attraction (see Manifestationbabe.com). Again thank you for coming to say hello. I wish you abundance of health!!

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  16. I bought one and tried to cancel the order when I found out that this was a scam. They lied and said it had already shipped when it hadn’t. They did say I could return it, but I’m not holding out much hope for a refund from them. I may have to get Paypal involved.

    I would advise against purchasing this.

    1. Lifewithtwins

      Hi Shelley, Thank you for visiting my website. I believe there is another person who has commented that received her money back.

  17. I got mine today and it doesn’t work. It took forever to get here. When I ordered it, it said the product ships out of the U.S.A. after I had ordered and days after when their “tracking the package” order finally worked, it showed that it was coming from China! I emailed them and told them this and they blew me off. Nothing happens, even the EMS mode only felt the tapping briefly on the electrodes and then nothing at all. Only the lights come on but I didn’t feel anything. I just emailed them but I doubt they will refund my money.

    1. Geneva, Thank you for reading my post it’s greatly appreciated. Please keep trying to get your money back. I know people have gotten their money back, just be persistent. Sending Abundance your way.

  18. I also thought it was coming from the US but checking the tracking I could see it was sent from China. Tried using it today, followed the poor instructions but the device never got warm no matter what function I used. Thankfully I got a deal? at $79.00 but still going to talk to my CC company. Ridiculous to send it back to China and there will probably be no refund in the near future. Going to start walking and continuing with my exercise. Should have known better than to believe the hype!

    1. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you get your money back. Thank you for reading my article its greatly appreciated! Sending lots of abundance your way.

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