The Alonsos’-Zuppa Toscana

Life with twin girls

The Alonsos’ Zuppa Toscana

Who doesn’t love a hardy soup when it’s cold outside? Because I sure do and so does my hubby. We love sitting around the fire-pit and drink our homemade Zuppa Toscana. I have decided to share the way I make the Zuppa Toscana. And by the way, there is nothing light weight about the way I make this soup. I do appreciate a soup that is healthy and in the future I will write a post and share. However, for now lets talk hardiness!!! I love making this soup for my entire family, so I make a big batch and share it with everyone.

life with twins

Zuppa Toscano Soup


life with twins

1 package Publix mild ground Italian sausage

1 fist garlic (fresh)

1 medium onion (I use sweet onion)

1 bunch parsley

small potatoes

1-2 cups Kale

64 oz of chicken broth

Salt, black and cayenne pepper

16 Oz of heavy whipping cream

2-3 tbs of grass-fed butter or use olive oil (either one or use both)


In a big pot, empty 64 oz of chicken broth and set to medium heat. Cut potatoes into small wheels and empty into pot. Let potatoes cook while prepping the rest (shouldn’t be more than a simmer).

I use Publix mild ground Italian sausage cut into bite size pieces (or how you like it), brown sausage in a pan. I like to add a little olive oil, though there is enough grease from the sausage. Once browned empty into the pot. The grease from the sausage can be emptied into pot as well, if you choose. I only use a little bit.

*I put fresh minced garlic in the grease to bring out the garlic flavor and fish-out the minced garlic to put in the soup.

Life with twin girls

Cut fresh parsley and empty into pot.

Cut fresh onions into small pieces. Place in a sauce pan with either butter, olive oil, or both and saute until translucent. Than add a little minced garlic, cut up carrots, cut up celery and continue to saute to bring the flavors out (just a few extra minutes).

*I only saute half the carrots and celery, i empty the rest into the soup.

Life with twin girls
Life with twin girls
I saute the carrots, celery, and onions for a couple of minutes, than add the garlic

Life with twin girls
The garlic is the last to be saute with all the veggies

Empty 1~2 cups of kale, and add 16oz of heavy whipping cream.

Add salt, black and cayenne pepper per your personal taste. Let simmer for 1~2 hours.

Life with twin girls
Life with twin girls

How did you like the soup? let me know what you like and changes you made to make it your own.

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