How to use the Haakaa manual breast pump

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How to use the Haakaa manual breast pump


A little background on my experience

I was blessed with twin girls in May of 2018. During my pregnancy I started lactating since 19 weeks pregnant. Of course I thought “GREAT!! I don’t have to worry about production!”. Well, well, well…not so fast my dear. The girls were born via c-section at 38 weeks. Again, in the hospital it never crossed my mind that I would be low supply. Well guess what, I was low supply. I don’t think it ever came in correctly. I was in the hospital from Wednesday to Sunday. The girls were born 0020 Thursday.

My Girls went down 10% body weight. Not good. The doctors needed me to supplement with formula to bring their weights up. I hated that they only gave me that option and I didn’t think to ask for another option because I was so doped up. Of course, Looking back, now I know more, I wish they would have had me pump at the hospital after a feeding. WHY they didn’t start with that? beats me, they knew I wanted to breast feed. Well, its water under the bridge. I can only educate the mommies to be, to requested that.

My feeling is that it’s was my age, 38, that has me with low supply. Breast feeding is about supply and demand. However, when I pumped about 3-4 times a day I only got an average of 1-2 oz. I needed way more than that for my twins. I tried E V E R Y T H I N G under the sun. Power pump didn’t help either. So I decided to see if I get more with the Haakaa manual pump. Low and Behold it worked better than the Spectra S2 pump I have. I still pump occasionally. So what is a haakaa…

What is a haakaa?

So what is a Haakaa anyway? It is a single unit manual breast pump made out of food grade silicone. For all my registered nurses out there it reminds me of the closed suction medical device the Jackson-Pratt drain or know in the medical world JP drain. You would think a RN came up with the idea. However, it was a mother and a product designer from New Zealand. She named it haakaa because of her struggles in finding non-toxic and safe products for her daughter.


*The Haka is a traditional ancestral war dance of the Māori people in New Zealand with a very special meaning ‘Be a strong fighter, find strength by choosing to smile through whatever challenges life brings’.


Here is the way I place the Haakaa on the boob

I folded the sides down and squeezed the bulb &hold. Then i placed the opening so the nipple is in the center. I unfolded the sides over my boob and then let go of the bulb, and viola the Haakaa is suctioned in place.



How do I use my Haakaa?


There are 2 ways that worked for me. 1. hand pump. Once the Haakaa is latched on, you can pump the bulb. OR 2. Latch it on and just let it do its thing. It’s totally up to you.

Most Mommies wear the Haakaa on the boob that is free while baby is latched to the other side. I don’t produce enough for that scenario, I wear mine when the baby has not breastfed a lot that day.

Does the haaka silicone manual breast pump work?


This little haakaa worked for me. I feel like I am able to pump out more milk than a conventional electric pump. The second method is best for me. That way I can walk around the house and get a load of laundry done at least without being tied down to an electric pump. Though I looked silly, the blinds are definitely shut when the haakaas are in place, you know what I mean ;).


How do you like the Haakaa vs an electric pump?



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