5 Must haves for TWINS

Life with twins

5 Must haves for TWINS

I want to share the 5 must have items I needed for my twin babies. These are a must have for my lifestyle. I kid you not, I ABSOLUTELY needed these!!! Money does not become an issue when life gets complicated and certain items make it easier, you WILL throw money at it, no matter how much it cost ;). These are not in any particular order. Keep in mind that some of these items the girls grew out at this point. They are 6.5  months old.

1. Must haves for twins

Love this pillow, worked so good. MUST HAVE!! I actually had 2 of these. One I left at my parents and one here at home. There are so many uses for this when you have twins: 1. tandem feed (breast or bottle), 2. tandem snuggle, 3. propping, 4. photos etc.

2. Must Haves for Twins

Simpler is better. I had the expensive swings, however, I had the best luck with these. There is one expensive one I do have that I absolutely love, it was the Ingenuity SmartSize 2-in-1 Soothing Solution. Expensive, but so worth the money, at least for my girls.


3. Must Haves for Twins

I really like these bottles the best for feeding. Here is why, IT’s GLASS!! Hello, I don’t have to worry about leaching of plastic and/or chemicals when I am heating up my babies bottles. I also have 2 of the Dr. Brown glass bottles, but so tedious to clean. And with these items comes the next item I spent quite a penny on. However, SO WORTH it!!


4. Must Haves for Twins

Ladies and Gentleman. THE WABI!!! I so love this thing. MUST have on my list. The Wabi can sanitize anything!! Because it uses UV rays rather than water. Now, I only posted the amazon link for people to read the reviews. I actually bought this at Bed, Bath and Beyond because I got 20% off.


5. Must haves for Twins

Yes, Yes, Yes!! AMAZING, sleeper, lounger, napper, feeder. BONUS, it is portable and light weight and easy to clean!! Oh yes, I have 2 of these.




Bonus, Must haves for Twins

OK, so I have 6 must haves for twins. Can I just say these chairs are AWESOME!! I am super impressed with these high chairs. The color, safety and convenience is Amazing!! YES, they do cost A LOT!! However, so worth it. The Abiie Beyond wooden high chair can be transformed to any height position, all within less than 20 seconds!


I swear by these for my lifestyle. Pictures are attached to prove that I do OWN all of these. I hope this helps some mommies to be to show what other mommies of multiples use.


***Update 6/28/2019 (7 months later) I am still using all of these items except for one. The one I stopped using was the swings and only because the girls outgrew the sings. So all of these items are worth the time and money. They make life much easier.



What are your 6 must have for your Twins or multiples? Comment below and share your insight.

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